Enrolment & Forms

Enrolment with GBOOSH is a 2-STEP process: Please read the below flyers and information for details.  

2021 Enrolment Flyer 2021 Enrolment Flyer (618 KB)

- STEP 1 - QK ENROL FAMILY LOUNGE: Use the login panel on this page to Register/Login to your online account. 
Please allow yourself 30 mins - 1 hour to complete this process in full. You will need your CRN details, your child's CRN details, immunisation statement & any health care action plans.
lick the VIEW/START ENROLMENT box, check all contact details, health details etc are current & answer any incomplete questions. Once you have completed the form click SAVE & SUBMIT. You can also add new siblings at this stage by clicking ADD CHILD on the home page. 

PLEASE NOTE: If your child has a medical condition/allergies/asthma at this stage you will need to complete & upload the relevant ACTION PLAN & RISK MINIMISATION FORM. If you have previously supplied these forms to the Centre they must be current. 

Advise the centre via email (info@gymeabayoosh.com.au) when you have completed STEP 1 so we can commence the checking process.

- STEP 2- COMPLETE A WAITLIST/BOOKING FORM: on receipt of your QK Enrol update, the Centre will send a confirmation email advising that your enrolment has been received & any additional information that is required. This confirmation email will include a copy of the Waitlist/Booking Form. Please use this form to indicate the days & sessions you require care

2021 Waitlist/Booking Form 2021 Waitlist/Booking Form (260 KB)

Existing families will receive priority for all permanent days/sessions they currently have as at the end of Term 3, if submitted by the due date and re-enrolment is completed around August each year. 
All additional places will be offered to newly enrolled families in line with the centre's Enrolment & Orientation Policy. Enrolment for new families in completed around October of each year.     

All enrolled families are eligible to apply for Casual Care including Vacation Care each holiday break, the program is released via email notification on this website.

The Waitlist/Booking Forms for 2021 can be downloaded here.

2021 Waitlist/Booking Form 2021 Waitlist/Booking Form (260 KB)

 Please ensure you have also completed STEP 1 of the process via the QK Enrol Family Lounge in order for your re-enrolment to be completed in full.

If you need assistance please contact the GBOOSH Office info@gymeabayoosh.com.au or 0408 210 705 (between 7am - 6pm Monday - Friday). 

Family Handbook: Please familiarise yourself with the GBOOSH Family Handbook to gain all necessary information & an understanding of our Centre. It is important that all families read this annually as we have had many changes over the past year.

GBOOSH Family Handbook 2020 GBOOSH Family Handbook 2020 (961 KB)

Payment of Fees

Fees are payable 2 weeks in advance at all times, statements are generated on a weekly basis & emailed to families. GBOOSH offers families 2 methods of payment for fee payments.

1. Sign up for Direct Debit with Debit Success from your nominated Bank Account or Credit Card. Please read the DDR Service Agreement for Terms & Conditions, including fees related to this method of payment.

Please contact the GBOOSH Office or download a DDR Form here. 

DDR Form 2019-2020 DDR Form 2019-2020 (448 KB)

2. Manual direct deposit in the GBOOSH bank account, these details are included on your weekly statement.

 If you are experiencing financial difficulties you must contact the Centre Director ASAP to negotiate a payment plan.

Vacation Care Bookings

Prior to each Vacation Care period a program and booking form will be released in Week 7 of the term on the GBOOSH website. All families currently registered with GBOOSH will recieve an email alert. To make a booking, ALL families must have completed the above Enrolment Process prior to booking & the commencement of Vacation Care, in addition to completing a Vacation Care Booking Form. Please refer to the Vacation Care page of the website for further details.