Enrolment & Forms

NEW Enrolments - 2018 Kindergarten Families

We invite 2018 Kindergarten & New families to GBPS to commence the enrolment process for 2018. Enrolment is a 2 step process:

- STEP 1 - QK ENROL FAMILY LOUNGE: Use the login panel below to register & complete the enrolment process for your child. Please allow yourself 30 mins - 1 hour to complete this process in full. You will need your CRN details, your child's CRN details, immunisation statement & any health care  action plans. 


lease contact the centre via email (info@gymeabayoosh.com.au) or telephone 9524 3444 if you have any problems completing this process.

- STEP 2- 2018 BOOKING FORM: please use this form to indicate the days & sessions you require.  

2018 GBOOSH Booking Form 2018 GBOOSH Booking Form (356 KB)

Payment Options: this is great time for families to consider signing up for our new Direct Debit system. Payments can be deducted weekly or fortnightly from your nominated Bank Account or Credit Card. Please complete the DDR form if you wish to sign up. 

Ezidebit DDR Service Agreement Ezidebit DDR Service Agreement (497 KB)

NO bookings will be taken without completion of the FULL Enrolment Process. 
All Forms are available for download below or a copy can be collected from the centre.

Once enrolled 2018 Kindergarten will be eligible to attend the January 2018 portion of the Vacation Care program. This program will be relased via the GBOOSH website in Week 5 of Term 4, 2017. 
Please contact the centre if you have any questions or concerns regarding the enrolment & booking process. 

2018 Re-Enrolment - Existing GBOOSH Families.

By now all existing GBOOSH families should have completed the online family details update via the QK Enrol Family Lounge & a 2018 Booking Form. If you have not done so please log in below, complete the online process & submit your Booking Form. The date to be processed with priority as an existing family has now passed, therefore any late forms will be included on the waitlist to be processed in the second round offers. Please contact the centre via email if you require a copy of the Booking Form.

Family Handbook

Please familiarise yourself with the GBOOSH Family Handbook to gain all necessary information & an understanding of our Centre. It is important that all families read this annually as we have had many changes over the past year. 

GBOOSH Family Handbook 2017-2018 GBOOSH Family Handbook 2017-2018 (1227 KB)

QK Enrol My Family Lounge Access.

Login to your QK Enrol: My Family Lounge Account.  

Once registered, click on the EDIT/VIEW ENROLMENT tab next to your child's name. Complete all details, including the upload of your child's Immunisation Statement before clicking SUMBIT & SAVE. There is no need to print the online form as we will check this online at the GBOOSH Office. 

PLEASE NOTE: If your child has a medical condition/allergies/asthma at this stage you will need to complete & upload the relevant ACTION PLAN & RISK MINIMISATION FORM. If you have previously supplied these forms  to the Centre they must be current. All forms are available below to download & print. 

Please Note:

·         Where individual parents hold separate accounts an Online Enrolment Form & Booking Form MUST be completed by EACH parent. (One single set of Healthcare Action Plans may be provided).  

·         NO bookings will be taken after the close of Term 4 2017 without completion of the full Enrolment Process. This includes the submission of a current Immunisation Statement, any other Health Care Action Plans & a Booking Form. All forms are available for printing on the website.

·         If you are unable to remember your login details or access your account for your QK Enrol Family Lounge account please do NOT create a new account. If necessary we will re-activate your account & send you an automated password reset/account activation email. 

Anaphylaxis Action Plan

If your child has anaphylaxis please complete this red action plan, have it signed by your child's GP and submit your enrolment forms. 

Please note that you MUST provide the centre with an Epipen/Anapen and other relevant medications as indicated on the action plan on the days in which your child/ren attend.

Anaphylaxis Action Plan Anaphylaxis Action Plan (414 KB)

Anaphylaxis Anapen Action Plan Anaphylaxis Anapen Action Plan (313 KB)

Allergy Action Plan

If your child has any allergies please fill out and submit with your enrolment forms.

Allergic Reactions Action Plan Allergic Reactions Action Plan (273 KB)

Asthma Action Plan
If you have indicated that your child/ren suffer from asthma, please complete this form, have it signed by your child's GP and submit with your enrolment form. 
Please note that the Centre keeps a blue asthma reliver (Ventolin) & diposable spaces onsite. However, if you have a different medication or which to provide your own please supply to the Centre on commencement of enrolment.

Risk Minimisation Plan
If you have indicated that your child has any medical requirements/considerations you must complete & submit a Risk Minimisation Plan to the Service. This includes children with asthma, anaphylaxis, ongoing medication, allergies or dietary requirements.  

Risk Minimisation Plan Risk Minimisation Plan (127 KB)

Payment of Fees

Fee are payable 2 weeks in advance at all times, statements are generated on a weekly basis & emailed to families. GBOOSH offers families 3 methods of payment for fee payments.

1. Sign up for Direct Debit with Ezidebit from your nominated Bank Account or Credit Card. Please read the DDR Service Agreement for Terms & Conditions, including fees related to this method of payment.

Please contact the GBOOSH Office or download a DDR Form here.

Ezidebit DDR Service Agreement Ezidebit DDR Service Agreement (497 KB)

2. Manual direct deposit in the GBOOSH bank account, these details are included on your weekly statement.

3. Cheque, hand delivered to Gymea Bay Care & Leisure Centre.  

 If you are experiencing financial difficulties you must contact the Centre Director ASAP to negotiate a payment plan.

Vacation Care Bookings

Prior to each Vacation Care period a program will be released in Week 5 of the term on the GBOOSH website. All families currently registered with GBOOSH will recieve an email alert. To make a booking, ALL families must have completed the above Enrolment Process, in addition to a Vacation Care Booking Form. Please refer to the Vacation Care page of the website for the program.