It's time to prepare for 2021, read our newsletter & re-enrolment information for existing families. 

Please contact GBOOSH if you need assistance with this process!

GBOOSH Newletter October 2020 GBOOSH Newletter October 2020 (412 KB)

2021 Re-Enrolment Process for Exisiting Families 2021 Re-Enrolment Process for Exisiting Families (565 KB)


We are COVID Safe - Please review our COVID Safety Plan

COVID Safety Plan September 2020 COVID Safety Plan September 2020 (1012 KB)

and Conditions of Entry 

Conditions of Entry - COVID 19 Conditions of Entry - COVID 19 (182 KB)

We are constantly reviewing this situation & the Government recommendations with a view to the best outcomes for families and the service. Please be patient as we manage your questions and concerns as we appreciate every family is dealing with different situations whether it be health related, financial or just personal choice to self-isolate and minimise contact with the outside world. 

Please email us with your questions and concerns and we will respond to you as soon as possible.     

Release of children to attend ADDITIONAL ACTIVITIES  -If your child needs to be released from BSC/ASC/Vacation Care to attended an extra curricular activity, parents must complete an Activity Authorisation Release Form which includes the details of a nominated contact person (over the age of 16 years) who must present photo ID and collect the child from the service.  

Activity Release Form 2019 Activity Release Form 2019 (290 KB)

Please contact the service on 9524 3444 if you have any questions regarding this form.  

GBOOSH Fee Structure, 5 August 2019:

Enrolment Fee

$50 per family

(parents with split accounts

will be charged $25 each)

BSC (per session)

Casual $18

Perm $17

ASC (per session)

Casual $26

Perm $25

Vacation Care (per day)

$60 per day plus excursion/incursion cost